Original song by Mimo, all rights reserved.

Mimo-guitars, bass, Tomi Furmanik - vocals, Jaro Župčan - drums, Maroš Zakuťanský - keyboards


He never felt more alone
than in crowded places
where scavengers are hiding
among the smiling faces
watching out for words of
uncorrupted minds
harvesting every sign of weakness

Once the prey's identified
the voice is raised to
attract the attention
of the rest of vultures too
and as they're closing in
you slowly realize
true nature of their smiles

Ref:  The scavengers are close
        they watch you trying
        to fight for your life
        till there's no denying
        that river of your luck
        completely stopped to flow
        they catch you on your knees
        and deliver final blow

When it's hard to keep the pace
due to circumstances
that life inflicts on you
and you're loosing your senses
be careful who you trust
to whom you expose your wounds to
'cause the friend who's at your side
might not see the friend in you


Original song by Mimo, all rights reserved.

 Mimo - guitars and  bass, Tomi Furmanik - vocals, Lynda Treacy - vocals, Marek Matkiewicz - drums, John Flynn - keyboards. Recorded at Gaf studio in Ireland and Patt studio in Slovakia. Cover and myspace artwork by my sister Jana.


Is it ok to become a liar?


Woman: You are what I want

                  All I could ever need.

Man: Who would expect the danger

            from such a beautiful stranger

            whispering to me:

 Lies, Lies, Lies

Woman: I like everything about you

                  I´m so glad that we met

Man: You wrote: I never wanted to hurt you

            but the truth is you never cared if you did

            I can see it clearly now

Lies, Lies, Lies

Chorus: Is it ok to become a liar

                because your dreams have been set on a fire

                Is it ok to lie to me

               just ´cause your ex used to lie to thee?

Original song by Mimo, all rights reserved.

 Featuring Karlos G on vocals and guitars, Mimo Krištof on guitars and bass guitar and Teo Pongó on drums.
Recorded at the Patt studio Košice, Slovakia, by Dano pastucha


Once you open the gates, and enter real life
The wonders of the world will strike you in the brand new light
the wind on your face will fill your heart with joy
as new horizons are coming into view.

The pleasure and the pain awaits you on the way
but be careful do no harm by what you do or what you say
cause the pleasure that you feel might put someone else in pain
and when the day is done we all hurt the same.

All you need is to realize (open your eyes and see)
That they are controlling your life with lies (They've been doing the same thing to me)
They don't have the proofs for what they say (just ancient book that makes no sense)
To follow old myths is not the way for mankind to thrive....

Enjoy your life there are no second chances
forget rewards and divine sentences
there are questions to ask they'll help you to see
the purpose of mind is just to fly free.